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WIN Network

The Women Influence Network (WIN Network) is a network of women with expertise in a wide range of policy issues. WIN Network members include economists, academics, business leaders, former regulators, and elected officials.  All of whom are available for expert commentary and partnerships.  

Contact us to join the WIN Network or find out how to work with our WIN Network members.


Training & Mentoring

We provide training, coaching, and mentoring services to women who want to be more effective at engaging and influencing the political and policy process or are looking for ways to advance their careers. From one-on-one coaching sessions to group training, Women's Influence Institute empowers its members with the skills and tools they need to succeed.

To learn more about our training and mentoring opportunities, contact us.


Policy Platforms

Policy discussions, Congressional testimony, opinion editorials, blog posts, policy analysis, panel speakers, or media briefings -- no matter what the platform, we leverage our power as a convener to bring people together to identify the barriers to women's advancement and work to highlight the value of women's expertise to increase their influence in policy.


Interested in exploring ways that your company or organization can help advance women, or are you in need of an expert to speak at an event, provide one-on-one briefings, or prepare expert analysis? Contact us.  

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