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How much influence do women have in Washington? 

The Influence Index is an annual measure of the influence of women in policy and politics.  We examine the roles and opportunities for women within some of the most influential policy organizations, institutions, and businesses. 


The power of the Influence Index - 

  • Creates a public record of accountability for organizations and institutions.

  • Provides a resource for organizations who want to align their political and policy investments with their internal gender-equality goals.

  • Empowers women with data that they can use within their own organizations to effect change and to assess the culture and priorities of organizations they may want to join or work for.

  • Launches conversations about the political and policy influence gender gap and begin to identify barriers and solutions. 

We are currently working to finalize the 2022 Influence Index – please join us or subscribe to receive updates on the Influence Index and other Women’s Influence Institute news. 

Would you like to receive a preview of the 2022 Influence Index before its public release?  Consider supporting WII at one of its group membership levels. 


Closing the Influence Gap


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